Hot Icelandic-Norwegian jazz – Icewegian. July 12th.


Icewegian is an Icelandic-Norwegian band that has been active for the past five years. The members are Icelanders Sigurður Flosason on saxophone and  Andrés Þór Gunnlaugsson on guitar together with Norwegians Per Mathisen on bass and Rolv-Olav Eide on drums. The band has played quite a bit in Norway, for instance at the renowned Lillehammer Jazz Festval as well as in Iceland, for instance at the Reykjavik Jazz Festival. The band plays original music by all its members. Stylistically speaking the band touches of various different styles of jazz. Still a large portion of the program consists of music that lies on the borders between jazz and rock. The two Icelanders are prominent players on the local jazz scene in Reykjavk and the same can be said about the Norwegians in their home country.

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