About the Consert series

The Blue Church Summer Concert Series was founded in 1998 by Muff Worden and Sigurdur Jonsson.

The Blue Church Concert Series offers a broad artistic program. Blue Church features concerts with classical, contemporary and jazz music as well as concerts with folk songs. And in the selection of works and interpretations, it also offers a broad spectrum from old folk songs to Bach and Mozart, to modern works, from classical interpretations to avant-garde experimentation. We host the best and most famous artists in Iceland and internationally acclaimed foreign artists as well as inviting young and promishing artist to be part of our program.

Furthermore, visitors to the Blue Church can combine the enjoyment of art with vacationing. During the daytime, the unique surroundings and the small town make for wonderful excursions.

And finally, the Blue Church has a very special flair. Nordurgatan the „rainbow street“ leading up to the Church and the entire old town center form the Festival’s backdrop.