About the Series

blue_church_concert_series_seydisfjordur_iceland_3The Blue Church Summer Concert Series was started by Muff Worden music teacher and Sigurður Jónsson engineer in 1998 . The concert series has been ongoing since then, first under the firm management of Muff but after her premature death in 2006, by a formal association.

The concerts are held in the Seyðisfjörður church every Wednesday night in July and early August at 8:30 pm. Emphasis has been on offering varied types of concerts where classical music, jazz, blues, folk and light hearted music can be enjoyed. The church houses a recent Steinway concert piano and a Frobenius organ with 14-15 stops.

Call for applications for next year’s concerts is in the end of each year with a deadline on January 30th. Applications are sent to blaakirkjan@blaakirkjan.is accompanied with a program draft and the musicians CVs.